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I am actually on the third mission for the main campaign, and quite a long time inside it, but I ran into a big problem:

There are no villagers left, most of my farms lay empty and unbuilt as I have no one to move into them and even with good fertility I produce a bit under what I need.

I understand that people get born and eventually move into farms, but I had left the game running for 8+ years and more than new borns my population is slowly decreasing due to deaths. -3 pop in 8 years.

I tried to alleviate the situation by demolishing unneeded buildings like barracks in order for the soldiers to turn into farmers and also decreasing the need for food, and sort of works, but as no one is having children and I am getting close to only be able to do that with priests and scribes, is not ideal. No one is having children

Is my game bugged?