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I'm not even sure that some dev will read this, but I try it anyway, since we cannot participate in discussions on the Steam forums. The game runs pretty good, smooth and beautiful. But it also has some serious problems.

Here's what I got so far:

- Voiceovers are partly mixed, English and Russian. Russian voiceovers often play backwards! (That didn't happen earlier). But Russian voices don't only play backwards, often it repeats the same sample over and over again. It's very annoying!

- The water seems to be buggy, but only in some areas. It looks somehow like a glitched texture. (reminds me on an earlier "Stalker Lost Alpha" build that had a problem with water, when used an AMD GPU. That water looked very similar. And I have a Radeon card..))

- The German translation is done pretty well -ish. Sometimes I'm not sure if they used machine translation or the person who did it, just isn't German native speaker. It requires some improvements and corrections.

- Subtitles sometimes show something entirely else than spoken.

- Subtitles are also mixed, English and German in my case. The overall subtitles and voiceovers are very chaotic! it switches languages, plays backwards, shows different text than you can hear.. Needs rework!

- There is a bug at the trapped soldier in Moscow Eye. The chernobylite fragment, which normally sticks inside him, sometimes appears somewhere entirely else. The last time it was stuck inside a near wooden structure about 10m away from him.

- I was on the run from NAR soldiers and went inside a building to hide somewhere. While waiting for them to approach me, I suddenly fell through the floor and was stuck outside the gameworld. To be more clear: There was a place where clipping didn't work properly, so I fell through the house model and was stuck below the house with no way back. I had to close the game and lost that day.

- I was captured and tried to esacpe. After killing all guards silently, nothing happended I couldn't leave that house. I'm not sure if a guard is supposed to have some key or something, but the first guard, that is located near the prison cells somehow sunk into the floor after I killed him, and I wasn't able to loot his body. I killed all other guards, took my stuff back from the backpack on the upper floor, but then I was stuck there.

- The game seems to have some serious clipping problems. You can see that in several houses, where walls connect, or floor parts. If you're lucky enough to hit one of these particular places, you can easily sink into the floor and fall below the area, with no way back.

Other than that I admit the latest version is the same as on Steam! Congrats! xD Also the game now runs very smooth and doesn't lag anymore, even on very high settings! A lot of bugs have been fixed and it plays overall pretty good - besides these things I've listed above.

And I have a small suggestion: It would be great if materials you put into a storage, would be linked to the build menu. It's annyoing to take them in and out everytime.
I don't know if the devs look in here either?

Version 31663ship

I thought I was playing the now after so many updates and tons of gigabytes. However, it has become unplayable.

Mixing of German and English subtitles
(German language not finished yet?)

Machine translation. incomprehensible
(Content and text are not really easy to understand. What is it about?.)

Dialog and voice looping bug with Mikhail after training when you finish it.

Infinite crafting. This allows you to gain experience points increase and thereby you can complete all skills.

The shot/ attack of the enemy "duster"? causes a broken screen (Unplayable until the game ends and reloads)
Solution: Dont use the Screen Internal Resolution ..... (Video Option under FOV)
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