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OK, so everyone keeps saying how the Roman campaign is way better than the Celtic one - and I get it, the first mission is huge and quite interesting. HOWEVER, I've played it countless times over and over again - and I can't seem to pass the ending.

The battle is far too difficult. I've built the largest conceivable army, with a huge variation of units and beyond any hope of feeding them all. Even in that scenario, I lost. This one time I fled leaving my huge doomstack destroyed (as well as the hypnotic troops waiting) and used my available resources in an attempt to rebuild an army and fight back. However, I can't rebuild a large force because they rather quickly retake both of the two villages and press onto my town. And then I get wiped out and they take it too.

How on earth am I supposed to defeat the Celts? I've tried massively using poisonous clouds using a large number of priests; to no avail. I think I've triet literally every strategy attempting to wipe out their force or push into their fortified town...

P. S. Just to note, I'm an experienced player (to a level), so I'm not a noob. I've gotten the Celtic campaign to the mission where I have got to prevent the Romans from acquiring food.
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