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This is another rather large update, where we've focused on removing unnecessary frustrations as well as improving the exploration of the world by providing statistics on how much of it you have explored.

The total list of updates are:

* Completionist update: Showing percentage of discovered world, including a full breakdown of individual areas
* A new portal in lower Shade Forest
* A new cutscene after reading the big book in Ivystone (after finding Soul), to flag where you're supposed to head next
* It's now impossible to leave Soul behind and venture too deep into Shade Forest (since you at some point only had to backtrack and bring Soul)
* Various level tweaks
* All gargoyle's have had their hitboxes tweaked and enlarged. It's now possible to hit them further out on the wings too (while it's still the same area for the player to get damaged as before)
* Talking to Amanda in Ivystone now gives you the Sword quest immediately, instead of having to interact with her twice
* Numbers in the bank randomly flashed when transacting gold. This has been fixed.
* Various enemies have been moved - especially enemies that we felt were placed in bad positions, such as a reaper in Shade Forest that tended to fly right into the player, or a bone thrower in Cathedral that hid behind the minimap.
Archers in Shade Forest now do much lower damage - both their projectiles as well as running into the archers themselves.
* A small bug with the opacity on the last-point-of-death skull on the minimap has been fixed.
* A few of the green wizards in lower Shade Forest (on the way to Clive) has been switched out for their red-robed (slightly less overpowered) counterparts.

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