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This is a rather large update, with a bunch of various changes. Basically, we've fixed a few minor bugs, plus various fixes to mitigate backtracking issues.

After trying to format a nice post for quite some time, I sadly give up, and I'll post the gist of it here (and a link to our full announcement at the end of this post). In essence, these are the major changes we've made for Cathedral 1.1:

* User marks (exclamation point icons) added to map legend
* A fix to avoid truncating save files (before, temporary save files could fail under some circumstances, and then overwrite the actual save, leading to a corrupt profile)
* Soul possession charm text fixed - previously when picking up Soul Possession, it said "Soul fly" instead, due to copy-paste :)
* Stop NPC interactions while moving - One issue has been that a lot of interactive things such as NPCs, valves, charm shrines etc. are too easy to accidentally interact with if tilting the analogue stick up while passing by them. From now, you'll have to stand still in front of these things in order to press up to interact with them. The exception we made are chests, since you might want to open those on the fly.
* Make it possible to disable green flame shooters in the graveyard by lighting them using the lantern.
* Add the options menu to the spinning inventory menu (before, you had to choose a menu item, which was easily overlooked)
* Fast travel portal added to Icepeak Castle
* Added a new shop item - the compass, which allows you to fast travel back to the latest checkpoint you used.
* New alternative paths back from each grave after lighting the candles on them in the graveyard.

For our full announcement, see:
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