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Standalone installer updated: [Windows] 1.2.0 ⇒ 1.3.27.

Cathedral 1.3 is here!

We're back with another update! As some of you might have noticed, we have started to port the game to consoles and released on the Switch a while back.

As part of porting the game, we also made quite a lot of changes, and now we're finally bringing the PC port in line with the Switch port, after a lot of testing!

Let's get down to the details and talk about what we've changed! These are the highlights:
• Performance fixes
• New font for small UI texts
• Localization support
• Some room updates
• Sword responsiveness tweaks

Performance fixes
As part of the Nintendo port, we've gone over the game and reduced load times for levels as well as fixes to increase the framerate, especially in areas with many enemies on-screen at the same time. On most modern computers, this might not be extremely noticeable, but you might notice less framerate stutter, especially on lower-end laptops.

New font for small UI texts
In order to make the smaller UI text readable on small screens, as well as simplifying localization, we've updated the font.

Localization support
While this is still in it's early stages, we've prepared the game for future languages. As part of this, we added Swedish as our first translation, and we're hoping to be able to add more languages down the line!

Some room updates
If you still haven't played through the game, consider this section to contain potential spoilers
! We've added a few minor tweaks to some rooms to cut down on unnecessary backtracking. This room in in particular has been on our list for some time:

Sword responsiveness tweaks!
This is one of those things we didn't realize we wanted to do until we tried it out ourselves. Since release, there has been a need to time your button presses as you're swinging your sword to get it up to full speed. If you timed it wrong, you slashed at a slower rate, even if you mashed the button as fast as you could.

Basically, if you hit the attack button mid-attack, it won't register the next attack. This is fine for the most part, except when you hit the attack button at the very end
of an attack (but not before it fully ended). We've added a small buffer here that allows you to hit the button slightly earlier, resulting in MUCH more even attack rates with the sword.

...And various other tweaks!
There are, as usual, a number of smaller tweaks not mentioned explicitly, such as a new icon for clicking the right stick (that you use for potions), scrollable textboxes in the interfaces and so on. We hope you'll find this patch useful! Until next time!

// Decemberborn Interactive


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