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The game description says that the Northern Campaign is not included... what exactly is it?
Is it a major part of the game, or an expansion pack, or what?
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I created a giveaway to draw some more attention! :)
Awesome! Great idea Damien.

(To anyone who is confused when reading this thread: Damien was once Keremix - and had a GTD Orion-class destroyer from "Freespace" as an avatar, incidentally.)
FYI, both the Northern Campaign and floppy-version Castles II is available on Not yet sure if they work with the gog versions, though.
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I know this is an old topic but I just tried playing my GOG version of Castles and was shocked and annoyed that the Northern Campaign wasn't included! I want to see my character as a Queen on the throne, thank you very much! I do hope GOG is able to add this in someday as I prefer playing my old games through their platform - usually a pain getting old games to work otherwise, but so far at least my old version is still working through DosBox.

I also just wanted to comment, maybe the version I own is a later one because the copy I have allows you to choose the original campaign messengers OR the new ones when you are setting up your game in the beginning, I just noticed some people were commenting that the Northern Campaign overwrites the original campaign but that's not exactly how it works in version I have, at least.

Please head over to the previously posted link to vote for the Northern Campaign on GOG! It's much better for us ladies to have the option for our proper Queen graphic on the throne! :)
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So still no Northern Campaign??
I remember I have it from another source.
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