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TFW you're foolish enough to play the 3dfx version of Carmageddon.

TFW you decide to spin a vehicle around with your mouse in the wrecks gallery after a terrific first race.

TFW it breaks your screen and makes it so you can't see anything you're doing, like being able to save your game after this successful race.

TFW you wish auto-saving existed in Carma 1 because you had to quit from your unfortunate luck and now you have to start all over again.

TFW real anger that could lead to real violence, not because of the content of the game but BS like this that kills your entire mood.

This message brought to you by me, don't do what I did, and try to stay sane when shit breaks in spectacularly retarded ways.

P.S. don't ever alt-tab out of the 3dfx version of Carmageddon either, you will break your HUD in-game and the menus will disappear.