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I can't seem to figure out why when you install Win 95 RPP (or other patches for that matter), the soundtrack changes from the original Fear Factory/etc to the Heavy Metal movie soundtrack. Don't get me wrong, I love the Heavy Metal soundtrack, but I'd much prefer the original. Why does this change and how do I fix it?

I've also noticed that only one song will play and once it's over, nothing starts up or loops. Any info on that?

In the past - Carmageddon was released on CD with CD Audio tracks.
For binary distribution ogg files are put instead.

DosBox use own CD Audio emulation - so you should have there proper music.

Win95 version need CD Audio wrapper, otherwise it try to play available CD, so it mean you must have Heavy Metal CD in one of the drives (real or virtual - you can swap it with other CD Audio).

CD Audio wrapper is included with 95RPP, however it's disabled by default because it may cause crash on some modern systems.

So if you are using Win XP you can enable this wrapper safely, when using modern Win this may lead to crash.

For new Win you can try different version of this wrapper (look on road reaction) or create / record Audio CD (first track should be game track with DATA and other files [execs, etc] in root ["Music" directory is not necessary], next tracks - audio - created from ogg-s ).

You can find more info here and on Steam forum (also look C2 section).
Post edited April 05, 2017 by QTZ