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OK, so, downloaded Carma 2 onto my Laptop - knew this was going to be a lot of fun. Until I realised that a) for some weird reason you can't bind Arrow Keys or WASD using the Control Configurator inside the game and b) S is hardbound to turn "Sound" off and on.

Thanks to a tip off on another thread, I started having a look to see what I could find and did some testing.. I think I've cracked the offset used in the key mappings.

Here is a list and map of all of the keys within the Game.

0. Shift
1. Alt
2. Control
3. Command
4. Caps lock
5. R-Shift
6. R-Alt
7. R-Control
8. L-Shift
9. L-Alt
10. L-Control
11. 0
12. 1
13. 2
14. 3
15. 4
16. 5
17. 6
18. 7
19. 8
20. 9
21. a
22. b
23. c
24. d
25. e
26. f
27. g
28. h
29. i
30. j
31. k
32. l
33. m
34. n
35. o
36. p
37. q
38. r
39. s
40. t
41. u
42. v
43. w
44. x
45. y
46. z
47. `
48. -
49. =
50. backspace
51. return
52. enter
53. tab
54. /
55. \
56. ;
57. '
58. .
59. ,
60. [
61. ]
62. #
63. esc
64. insert
65. delete
66. home
67. end
68. pg-up
69. pg-down
70. crsr-left (left arrow)
71. crsr-right (right arrow)
72. crsr-up (up arrow)
73. crsr-down (down arrow)
74. num-lock
75. Keypad /
76. Keypad *
77. Keypad -
78. Keypad +
79. Keypad .
80. Keypad =
81. Keypad 0
82. Keypad 1
83. Keypad 2
84. Keypad 3
85. Keypad 4
86. Keypad 5
87. Keypad 6
88. Keypad 7
89. Keypad 8
90. Keypad 9
91. f1
92. f2
93. f3
94. f4
95. f5
96. f6
97. f7
98. f8
99. f9
100. f10
101. f11
102. f12
103. print sc
104. scroll lk
105. pause
106. space

Using the numbers above, I was able to find where the "Controls" were mapped in the Keymap_0.txt file in the Data directory. By searching for 89 I was able to find Accelerate, for example.

I have created a new mapping file to use the Arrow keys.. I've also disabled camera control (which is what the arrow keys were forcibly bound to). I'm not sure what this will mean later down the track, I'm just glad to be able to play the game on my Laptop.

Make sure you back up your copy of the Keymap_0.txt file before you replace it with this one.

Files go into the: "C:\GOG Games\Carmageddon 2 Carpocalypse Now\data" directory.

https:\\\u\2803365\Keymap_0.txt <-- reverse all of the slashes for the correct link.
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This works very good. Nice find!

These offsets also works for C1 and Splat Pack! :-) You da man!
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Thank you, that was exactly what I needed. :)
universenz: Here is a list and map of all of the keys within the Game.
Works like a charm! Thanks for the effort.

FWIW, C2 has lettered control sets...A, B, C, and so on. The Keymap_0.txt file corresponds to control set A, Keymap_1.txt to control set B, etc.

You can have more than one if you like.
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The 'another thread' is here.

The 'Keymap_0.txt' file supplied here is a bit messed up (it have arrows set as directions, but also camera controls are set to Shifts, same as key 2 which is used for cheats), so better is to make new one based on file included in game or try (and reedit if required) files included with my tool.

With Carma Key Binder it's possible to see and set keys for all available functions (only few keys are actually hardcoded and unable to change, but since most are for replay mode it's not a big problem). It work for C1/SP/DEMOS and C2 FULL.
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I just wanted to say thank you very much. This also works with the Carmageddon 2 demo and it helped me find a solution. I am playing on a small 8.1 Windows laptop and have to use the num lock for the controls. I got used to that but I could not launch the Action Replay. The enter key does not function as the keypad enter key. So I found the file and just swapped 51 for 52 and 52 for 51. I'm ok with not opening my car doors, I'm just glad I can playback and relive the carnage! Thanks again, it works! I have other GOG games and they work great! Happy gaming!