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I remember that during the kickstarter campaign Gog and Stainless Studios were quite active, they even made original Carmageddon temporary free to promote Carmageddon: Reincarnation. I know there were some issues with the beta and Stainless Studios re-released the game it as Carmageddon: Max Damage.

Does anyone know what happened with plans of release of the game on Gog? Is there any official statement regarding this subject?
From the Kickstarter campaign:

Pledge $15 or more

DRM THIS!: As well as the Steam version, all $15 pledgers will be offered a DRM-free, caffeine free, gluten free, born free non-Steam version of the PC game to download. This version will have no Steamworks functionality and will support single player and LAN multiplayer only. This is only currently offered for the PC platform and will not be available until completion. (Mac and Linux versions are planned, but still TBC.) Please note that the delivery date is an estimate and is subject to change.

Dec 2013
Then you can read one of the many threads about it on the official forum.

Now you can judge the developer's behavior by yourself.
Thank you for information. A bit sad, but not surprising.