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For C2

Tested in Windows 7 32bit. Without this game always starts in "3dfx" mode - runs utterly slow.

To start the game in D3D mode:

1. Create shortcut of CARMA_HW.exe

2. Right click on the shortcut>>>properties

3. In "Target:" add "-d3d" (without quotes) after the final quote - example :

"C:\GOG Games\Carmageddon 2 Carpocalypse Now\Carma2_HW.EXE" -d3d

Now the game will start in Direct 3D mode. :)
Post edited October 20, 2013 by smuggler86
While this sure will help people with absolute slowdown problems, wouldn't it be better to first try another glide wrapper or reduced resolution? If nGlide gives you poor performance I suggest trying dgVoodoo 1.50.
D3D mode is locked to 640x480, you can't control the proportions and it also reduces the size of some big textures.