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DevilboxGames: You might want to check your spam folder because they sent out a kickstarter update email to announce this as soon as it went live yesterday with instructions on how to redeem your free copy. They have sent dozens of kickstarter update emails since June 2012, the 6th of June one was just the last day of the campaign.
garvanell: Hmm, that is strange indeed, since that game is not the only I kickstarted and received mails from the others (e.g. Dreamfall Chapters and the new Toejam and Earl). I also keep an eye on my spam folder.

Sounds like something went wrong there, with the taste of it not being on my end.

Nevermind though. The time it took them speaks for itself. Try to download the linux version ;).
If you never received the mail then there are two options: either it's in spam or you unsubscribed from notifications for the project whether by accident or on purpose.

You're right, the time it took does speak for itself. It speaks of
a dev commited to fulfilling its promises despite sinking probably 8 figures into the project and not selling enough to come close to breaking even, even if everyone who owned the game had paid full price for it. Most devs would have cut their substantial losses by this point but the fact they released the game on GoG after "so long" speaks of them doing all they can to get the rest of it out the door no matter how long it takes.