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Wagga: Carmageddon Max Damage, languarge change, without GoG Galaxy in German?
Or I need GoG Galaxy to change the langurage?
Thank you

Benötigt man Gog Galaxy um die Sprache zu ändern, das wäre ziemlich blöd.
Wie kann man die Sprache ohne GoG Galaxy ändern?
Danke im voraus.
Look for a file called "config.lua" in the game's directory and change the following:

localisation =
country = "GB",
language = "en"


localisation =
country = "GE",
language = "de"

If you don't see the config.lua file in your game's directory, you must first start the game, play a bit, and quit the game. The config.lua file will show up afterwards :)
Post edited January 19, 2018 by JudasIscariot