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Owhora: It works!

However, I am looking for increasing the view distance. I changed to 250 yon from 50 yon in OPTIONS.TXT. It doesn't work??? :(

Any suggestion?

If you don't get what I am talking, look at the video ( )

Thanks a lot!
I think 100 yon is max setting!
Strijkbout: If you rightclick on the Carmageddon (hardware mode) shortcut, then click properties, it should say something like this:

%target folder%\Carmageddon\DOSBOX\dosbox.exe -conf dosboxCARMA3dfx.conf -noconsole
Yes that is what it says. But it doesn't run properly...
Thanks currysini, your solution works like a charm!
I've tried every single option in Carma Graphic Mode Setup, but none of them seem to work and no accelerated graphics whatsoever. That's a bit disappointing from GoG, but with your fix I don't have to worry anymore.
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Thank you currysini!

Your solution was exactly what I was looking for.

GOG Carma Shortcut - ran fine but very blocky
GOG Carma (Hardware mode) - ran fine but FPS not great
GOG Carma Win95 - Great FPS but graphics quality less than hardware mode.

GOG Carma nGlide - great FPS and graphic quality!!!

Guess I built a I7-3930K / 16GB / 6870x2 system just in time to play a 15 year old game! ;oP
I did everything that tells in this post and it's working prety good! with decent graphics (at least for me), but is there anyway to play it windowed mode? I tried the old command "Alt Gr+enter" but it does not work. Any one knows how to do it?
Finally got it to work...

Ended up uninstalling the whole thing, deleting the leftover folders, re-installing it, doing exactly what the first post said: use the regular carmageddon shortcut, edit it to have the 3dfx bit in it, rename the dll file.

plus the magic ingredient: set the shortcut to run as administrator. And for some reason it was set to run as win95/98 compatibility, but don't do that, just leave that blank.

Runs like a charm now with 3Dfx. No mouse though, but you don't ned it anyway. :D

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I can't get this to work with a decent 60 fps. What are all you guys running it at?

Should this be ran from the standard shortcut of the hardware one?
The nglide fix Currysini described worked like a charm. Had downloaded the Win95 fix to mixed results, but this was great. Many thanks!

One question however, I can't for the life of me get the sound adjusted. I really would like to lower the music settings but I can't seem to make it work from the in-game menu. Anyone have a good suggestion to fix it?
currysini: *snip*
Wow, I thought it would be a pain to use this nglide, but it's incredibly easy! Editing the default config included did nothing to force 4:3 ratio, but using nglide and your tips solved my problem and the game looks fantastic too. Thank you! :D

One question, does this work with GOG versions of other 3Dfx games like Tomb Raider 1?
Thank you, too, for the helpful guide on how to get Glide to run with Carmageddon.

It really enhanced my experience. :)

The only problem I have is that the frame rate drops to something like 5 fps at times, not sure why, might have something to do with smoke effects.
Thanks currysini! This works like a charm
SO after not playing Carma for a while im trying it out using 3dfx fix.

But after doing it my screen is far too bright?

How do i sort this out, ive checked the config files for dosbox and cant seem to find a simple value to change?


Nevermind, I'm dumb. It was in the Nglide options not the Dosbox Config files.
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Hey guys, thought i'd give an update, this trick works for the GOG version of Tomb Raider 1 as well. Finally i'm able to play TR1 in the correct aspect ratio. Thanks again currysini!
So, to be certain, I rename/delete the DLL file in the DOSBox subdir, and not the game content subdirs?
Thank you for this. The game looks good and plays awesome. Even on Intel HD4000.
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