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StarEye: Carmageddon 2 is one of my most wanted GOG games since the beginning actually. I never played the first Carmageddon back in the days (which I not get to rectify), but I have the original version of both Carmageddon 2 and 3000 in my collection. I always wanted to get C2 to work with a gamepad, which I didn't back in the day (possibly because I didn't have one).

So, please, GOG, bring Carmageddon 2 to the store. I'm scared that music licenses could stand in the way. I doubt we'll have Iron Maiden on Carmageddon 2 anymore.
I am so ready for Carma 2! Never played the original until it was offered here. Love it, but miss my Carma 2. It was intensely badass and I look forward to it on