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Since we now have Carmageddon + Splat Pack. Will we get the sequel aswell? Would like to have both in my hands!
Hell yeah! We need to get Carma 2 up on GOG. The only problem I can see is getting it to work on Windows 7. I've had to work pretty damn hard to getting it on my system. I don't even remember what I did anymore!
Well to be fair I got it working easy on my system. Had more problems with Carmageddon and the Splat Pack. But thanks to GOG thats over!
I sure hope so.
Carmageddon 2 is my top or 2nd favorite game ever made:
Quake 3
Carmageddon 2
Dave3d: I sure hope so.
Carmageddon 2 is my top or 2nd favorite game ever made:
Quake 3
Carmageddon 2
Quake would be awesome aswell!
Carmageddon 2 is one of my most wanted GOG games since the beginning actually. I never played the first Carmageddon back in the days (which I not get to rectify), but I have the original version of both Carmageddon 2 and 3000 in my collection. I always wanted to get C2 to work with a gamepad, which I didn't back in the day (possibly because I didn't have one).

So, please, GOG, bring Carmageddon 2 to the store. I'm scared that music licenses could stand in the way. I doubt we'll have Iron Maiden on Carmageddon 2 anymore.
Sign me in on this one :)
Sign me on this to ;) Would love to play number 2 again
I too vote for Carma 2
Enjoying Camageddon 1 and would also love to see Carmageddon 2 :)
SuicideClyde: I too vote for Carma 2
count me in as well
Yeah I would not mind seeing this one either on Gog! :D uncensored ofcourse!
yeah... I'm in too... thats for sure...

I've lost my original carmageddon 2 CD (Zombie edition :() lots of years ago...

it would be great to see the game running again with no DRM BS...

I hope you guys can make that happen...
Sign me up as well on this.With hopes that GOG fixes at least most of the crashes that it has when running it on modern OS's and hardware.
Yeah, we really need Carma 2! Love splitting cars in half.