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Hello fellow chemically imbalanced racers.

I’ve seen a few comments about stealworthy cars on the forums here and the info on the Carmageddon wikia isn’t quite complete so I thought I’d post one here that’s a little more complete as I’ve been unable to find one myself. In the Splat Pack, it seems they have kept the “rank tiers” consistent with the vanilla game as I got the Splat Pack vehicles shortly after hitting the “rank tier” (I’m not sure how to explain this so I hope everyone reading this knows what I mean).

Just in case you are new to Carmageddon, stealing cars to pretty simple. If you waste a car listed below and your rank is equal or better than the rank shown, there is a chance the vehicle will be will be added to your garage. That’s it.

The cars in the Splat Pack are shown in bold and the number in brackets beside them is the rank I was at when the car was added to my garage in my last playthrough. So without further ado, here’s a not as complete as I hoped list of all the stealworthy cars and required ranks for the first Carmageddon and the Splat Pack expansion.

Ranks 89

Tashita Coupe
Annihilator (not stealworthy in the Splat Pack)

Rank 55

The Twister
The Bear
Grunge Buster
Doozer (51)

Rank 38

Caddy Fat Cat
Monster Masher (35)

Rank 21

The plow
Rig O’Mortis (20)

Rank 9

The Suppressor

Unknown Rank

Carrerasaur (67)
Stodge Barger (??)

The Carmageddon wikia has the Grunge Buster as Rank 89 and over but I don’t feel this is correct. After hitting rank 89, I had no troubles getting the Tashita Coupe and the Annihilator but the Grunge Buster just wasn’t getting stolen. I made sure the Grunge Buster was in every race I was in until I hit rank 55 too. After hitting rank 55 (and getting the Twister and the Bear), it finally got added to my garage. This happened in both the Splat Pack and vanilla game. It seems people are regurgitating what’s on the wikia so I felt I should make a note of it here.

I got the Carrerasaur when I was at rank 67 but was completely unable to get it before that. I made sure the Carrerasaur was in every race I was in since rank 89 as out of all the cars in the Splat Pack, this one seemed the most likely to be in the lowest tier. This is a little odd as the rest of the cars in the Splat Pack I got very quickly after the “rank tier” (89, 55, 38, 21, 9) but the Carrerasaur was the only one that eluded me. If anyone got this car before rank 67, please let me know.

There seems to be a small window of opportunity to get the Monster Masher. As you climb the ranks, this vehicle doesn’t seem to appear in any of the tracks between Slayride and Winter Spurts. Not sure if I was having bad luck here but I thought I’d throw it out there just in case the same happens to you.

The suppressor, I never bothered getting. It’s just not worth the effort when you get it when you finish the game anyways. Considering all the steal worthy vehicles that appear in both the Splat Pack and the vanilla game are stealable at the same ranks, I’m just assuming the same goes for the suppressor.

The Stodge Barger I have no idea how to get. I’ve wasted him multiple times all the way to rank 1 and still nothing. This car doesn’t have the “cheat” banner displayed when you gain access to all the cars when you beat the game so I’m assuming it can still be done but the possibility of stealing it is really really low. If anyone has been able to steal the car, I would love to hear from you on how you did it.

Hope this was helpful, any comments are welcome and if you feel anything should be added, let me know and I’ll credit you for the changes.
I heared that by tweaking some source code or whatever, you can make all cars stealworthy. Does anyone know how that's done?
Thank you for this topic by the way,v ery helpful. Had similar "problems" with the Grunge Buster.