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I'm trying to download the win95 version of this game. I had all of this installed on my pc but one day carmageddon just quit working. So I tried uninstalling and reinstalling, but I can't get the win95 version to work anymore. If I try to install it, as administrator or not, it just says "installation not found, please try again". I looked through my files anyway and there isn't a win95.exe anymore.
Look here.

If you have old installer, you can try re-download it for latest versions (game and patch).

is more advanced *pack* which completely replace GOG *patch*. In addition it fix critical issues (only critical) and give more options. It can be installed on older or recent release of GOG or Steam Max Pack. It's much smaller than GOG *patch* since it doesn't contains redundant files. Optionally for more options and fixes try [url=]UCP (C1 only).
Post edited October 06, 2015 by QTZ