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So nGlide 1.05 came out a few days ago and I've installed it to check some of its new features. I went straight to Carma2 (of course!) but it turned out that the game doesn't start. It worked fine before although I must admit I haven't touched it in about half a year. Now I get the infamous "CARMA2_HW.EXE has stopped working" message twice.

I have tried these things so far to no avail:

- set compatibility to all kinds of modes
- completely deleted Carma2 (including save games) and redownloaded it from GOG
- reverted back to nGlide 1.04
- even reverted back to nGlide 1.03 because someone on this board recommended that
- deleted winmm.dll and wsock32.dll

The crash log is in the attachment. I appreciate any help :)
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Try one or a combination of these:
1) Apart from the compatibility modes, set the game's affinity to one single core.
2) Try another glide wrapper such as dgVoodoo / dgVoodoo 2 or, Zeckensack's.
3) Unplug any controller.
4) Try to set different wrapper's resolutions, usually being conservative (something like 1024x768).

I hope these ideas could help, even if they are not based on personal experience with the game's issues.