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I'm having this strange problem, and I hope it's something simple to fix or something I've stupidly overlooked.

On certain screens of the UI, I can't figure out how to select different options. For example, on the "buy a new car" screen, I can't move the selection off the DONE button, which means I can't flip through the different cars or buy a new one. All I can do is continue.

I also can't load a saved game, because I can't move the highlight at all. This screen is worse, because I can't move the selection to DONE, so I have to force-quit the game.

It's a bit strange, because I can control everything just fine on, say, the options screen.

I have remapped my driving keys to WASD, and my camera keys to the numeric keypad, if that makes a difference.



YES! It was my own stupidity, mostly!

You can use the mouse? Who would have thought such a thing?

In my defense, it is a little bit strange that the arrow keys work just fine on some menu screens, but not at all on others. In any case, I hope someone at least gets a chuckle out of this post.
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Thanks for the chuckle :)
My pleasure!

I can't be very upset about how silly I look. Carmageddon 2 is awesome.