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Standalone installer updated: [Windows] 1.10.2951-2 ⇒ 1.10.2964.
New patch 1.10

Dear community,

we have worked on improving Carcassonne with bug fixing and several quality of life improvements, like the pretty useful "Meeple Outline"!

Here is the patchnote for this update:

Bug fixes:
• Fixed a bug when opening the achievements screen the first time
• Fixed a bug when exiting the current online game when another game is forfeited due to time-out.
• A corrupted save file no longer blocks the loading process but reset to default values
• Dragon phase do not play the correct number of turns if a player is swapped by a bot during online games (timed-out or replaced by auto-play) is fixed

• Adding the option "Meeple Outline"
• In-Game animations speed is adjustable (4 levels)
• Removal of option "Meeple bounce" toggle (always active)
• Option screen has been reworked with pictograms
• An indicator is displayed with different levels when the connection to the network becomes unstable
• Greatly improved online connection stability
• Game no longer reload after a short connection loss or when resuming from background
• Online game chat history is available when resuming an online game
• Optimized performance of the chat screen (lobby and in-game) for low-end devices
• AI performance optimization when playing with the "Inns & Cathedrals" expansion
• Significant AI performance optimization during the dragon tiles placement when playing with the "Princess & Dragon" expansion

Thank you very much for all your feedback and have fun playing Carcassonne!
high rated
Standalone installer updated: [Windows]: 1.10.2966 ⇒ 1.10.2967.2.
New update!

Greetings, city builders!

Here is a minor update after your last feedback.

Bug fixes:
• Fixed a bug that reset game statistics in certain circumstances
• Fixed a bug that prevented saving the chosen Meeple's colors

This means that you will get back all the stats you have lost!

Many thanks for all of your feedback. This proves to be a great help in improving the quality of Carcassonne!

Have a great game!