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I like these games because playing with the stock market is fun, but the interface is not. When someone doesn't want to sell me or my company his stock, I have to sit with my mouse on the "increase offer amount" button for a long time.
Is there a way to change variables with a hex editor so in Cap+ i can just press the "plus" button to get the amount the stock owner will counter-offer to?

Basically I wan't to change the amount the 'offer price' gets multiplied/divided by when i press the plus/minus buttons. I think its's currently close to the 70th root of 2, or 1.01, if that helps. Now what would that be in hexidecimal, so I can change it in HxD and make my stock manipulation simulator complete?
I don't have an answer for your question, but I was addicted to Cap1 years ago, and just picked up Cap+ on sale yesterday. I'm also wondering about any sort of mods. As a matter of fact, I was just going to make a thread about it, but since jabotinsky1948 made this one, I thought I'd second his request and add my own.
Look at that link, the guy has made some reverse engineering/hacking of Cap2.
He even has a tutorial on youtube about it. Perhaps you can workout the slider thing. It really sucks in Cap2.