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Hi all,

We've uploaded an all-new installer that will install Capitalism II version 1.07. Please download this new installer at your earliest convenience.


It fixes the typing speed problem.

It improves on mouse-clicking responses on Increase and Decrease Values
buttons to prevent numbers from jumping too fast.

It allows you to use a better display aspect ratio on a wide screen
monitor by using the resolution switching buttons on the main menu.

It fixed a bug with the calculation of the local overall rating, which
affects the average city overall rating.

It fixed a bug with the display of the product rating bars on the firm
detail screen.

It fixed an interface bug with jewelry and watch stores which may occur
after loading a save game.

Thanks and have a nice day :)
PMIK: Make sure you send our thanks to the tech team! Fixes on these old games is much appreciated!
Well, the credit should go to Enlight Software since it's their patch, we just applied it :)
wiseman303: An impressive amount of fixes. Thanks for letting us know what changed Judas :)
You're welcome :)
Post edited March 26, 2014 by JudasIscariot