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Hallo at all,

did anyone tried the Linux version of Call to Power II Apolyton ( is it already playable. I would be happy to hear of peoples experiences either positive or negative.
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A long time ago I tried the SVN version that the git version you link is based on, and it was unplayable. Delayed graphics updates, no movies, no resolution setting in-game if not full-screen, no in-game full-screen toggle, requires writable data dir, crashes often with keyboard locked. I also had to adjust a number of files for correct case-sensitive naming.. FYI, here's my notes on the case conversion (I'm sure gog will mangle it):

# in the target linux dir:
lndir /usr/local/games/wine/Call\ to\ Power\ 2 .
# converting to all-lower or all-upper seems to cover most of them
# Enfuriatingly enough, some are also mixed-case, so all 3 should be present
find -name '*[A-Z]*' | while read -r x; do echo "${x##*/}" | dd conv=lcase 2>/dev/null | while read -r lc; do test -e "${x%/*}/$lc" || ln -s "${x##*/}" "${x%/*}/$lc"; done; done
find -name '*[a-z]*' | while read -r x; do echo "${x##*/}" | dd conv=ucase 2>/dev/null | while read -r lc; do test -e "${x%/*}/$lc" || ln -s "${x##*/}" "${x%/*}/$lc"; done; done

Maybe the newer version you link to is better. I haven't the patience to test, and diff isn't helping me see what changed. At the very least it doesn't "just compile", so if I do look at it, it will be later.
I tried this:

And got it to work...except it can't load games. And it crashes during games. So it doesn't work.
The one in the OP is updated more recently. I can't bother to try it now though.
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what does OP mean?
deropo: what does OP mean?
OP is an acronym of Original Post (the first post in a thread) or Original Poster (a person who started the thread).
For other reasons, I went and tried again. It's had changes as recently as last month, so I figured it was worth a shot. This time it compiled without a hitch (well, not with the recommended configure flags, but with a plain configure or a gentoo-style configure, it's fine, both 32-bit and 64-bit). Unlike all the others I've tried, it seems to work well: movies, interface, sounds, etc. In fact, it works better than wine: wine-4 and lower don't play movies, and wine-5 and higher crash when trying to start a new game. I haven't tested extensively, but I'd recommend starting with this one.