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The Call to Power series is, basically a clone of the Sid Meier’s Civilization Series, it was even designed by Sid and the first itineration bore the Civilization title. However due to licensing that was stripped away as was any reference to Sid in the second installment.
Call to Power shows some vast improvements over the CIV system that CIV 5 would be wise to implement:
• There is a limit to the number of units in square (12). This dulls the brute force of sheer numbers that AI in CIV typically throws at you. It is a big improvement in micromanaging and strategy. Instead of moving dozens of units every turn you have to move two or three stacks. Nice.
• You can automatically form armies. Armies work in a combined – arms fashion, meaning that you benefit by mixed ranged, close and support units together in a strategic way. This adds nice depth to the combat over CIV.
• One thing I hated about all the CIVs, during end game, you have dozens of workers that have nothing to do, they just set there waiting to clean up pollution. It is tedious micromanagement, and pretty unrealistic. Call to Power fixes this by getting rid of workers, instead you have a slider, much like research slider, that deducts from your gross national product. You get public works points that you can spend to upgrade your squares.
• Cities can now grow beyond the fat-x that restricts CIV. I love this.
• It has a streamlined UI with one click you can add a building to each and every city's production queue.
It is not all great, however. Call to power lacks the AI to really challenge anyone. I am no CIV master, mid range difficulty is plenty for me. But in Call To Power, I cranked up the difficulty to the hardest setting on my second game. I have never lost a game of Call to Power vs the AI. I think you would have to try to lose. So if you want challenge Multiplayer is where it is at.
In summary, Call to Power 2 is civilization with added freedom and significantly reduced micromanagement. If you liked Civ 1, 2, or 3 get this game, you won’t regret it.
Interestingly, for what I've been reading about Civ V, some of these things are going to make it into Civ V. For example, I've heard that the city radius is changing from the "fat-x" as you call it and that you'll be restricted from stacking multiple units on one square.
Wow. I didn't post this to the boards. That happens automatically? neat!
Anyway I am really glad to hear some of the features are headed to Civ V. You made my day :)