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Hi, if someone still wants to play multiplayer Internet Dedicated Server will be ON for the next few weeks.

If you want join you have to find game shortcut - which is on the desktop or in the game folder:)

next: right click on the shortcut>Properties>Shortcut>in Target line add: -join -nologos
do not remove anything that is there - just add it at the end of the line and next start game.
If everything is ok you should connect directly to the server, without intro video and without start menu.

Second option is playing by GameRanger - the gog version of the game works well there.

Call of Juarez is a game with really cool story. Even the gunslinger was really awesome and the story like comic tale was awesome. I loved how they made the classic western type game and I wish there were more games like that. Maybe they are making a new one, if not they really should. I always liked playing the multiplayer with dedicated server and now there is new bare metal server on GTHost for a really good price. It is a physical server that is capable of much better performance. It is great for games and there will be no lag and glitches. They are much more reliable than virtual servers and you can get one in just 15 mins for just $50. Just check it out on their website.
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