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Salve fellow Romans! I’m part of Firefly Studios (founded by two former Caesar devs) and I’m here to ask for your honest input on our newest project. We’re currently developing a new coop MMO that’s been largely inspired the Caesar games, so I figured the best place to get high quality feedback is the Caesar community.
If you guys love it, we’re happy. If you guys hate it, we’d love to improve it with your help.

The concept of the game is quite simple: You start with a plot of land around an city center (with 16 players per city), you grow your population & economy and as a team, you and your neighbours rebuild the city to its old glory.

As the game progresses, you move to better cities, seize control of resources on the shared world map, and defend the empire against Barbarians (NPCs).

The game is called Romans: Age of Caesar

If that is something you’re interested in, we are now inviting players to the first closed alpha and would be more than jovial to have you guys and gals be among the first batch.

As we’ve only yet released a teasing announcement trailer, I can’t show you any gameplay yet, but will gladly add some once it’s public. Here is the trailer though:
(any input on your first impression based on the trailer is appreciated too!)

You can sign up for the alpha here:

Thank you for indulging me!
LordBenevolent: ...
Assuming you're a real FireFly employee (say hi to Nick & Aaron!)...

...where does the announced Stronghold Kingdoms-like gameplay that was mentioned in the trailer's description come into play? What will the F2P part be like?
I write on the assumption that you want all feedback, and not just the ones willing to test the game.

The idea of a city builder in a post fall of Rome setting, ending in an alternative history timeline I suppose, is extremely appealing to me. But I have moved on so far away from multiplayer games and the attached baggage (both gameplay and community-wise) since the 90s and early 00s, that just reading "MMO" makes me cringe.

Anyway, I am sure many Caesar fans will welcome the project. Good luck.