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I bought Caesar 2, 3 and 4 not realizing that they only include the English translation.
I want to play the game in German.

I still have the original CDs of the games in my preferred language.
Is it possible to patch the GoG installation with the language files from the CD?

I thank you for your help.
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At least for Caesar 3 I was successful.

I installed the original game from CD fully (they provide 3 size options).
I had problems to install the original game on windows 10: After clicking on setup.exe nothing opened. But in running processes I saw the setup.exe.
With the windows app "Resource Monitor" I checked the "Analyze Wait Chain…" and stopped the listed processes.

After installation I copied the *.eng files and the whole directories smk and wavs from the original installation to the installation via GoG.

When I start the GoG game, it is in german now - juhu.

I assume it's just as easy for Caesar 2 since I've found *.eng files too. For Caesar 4 the folder structure seems more complex but since they are well labeled it might work as well.

But I have to play Caesar 3 now... :-)