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Hi there,
I just got a new laptop/tablet running Windows 11 and Caesar 3 is loading strangely making it unplayable.

Unfortunately it's not letting me take a screen shot of it - it closes the game each time I try - so I'll do my best to explain

The game loads up off-center to the bottom right, but the triggers to click the buttons are in the CORRECT locations on the screen, so I have to fish around to find where to click.

I've tried running in compatibility mode with just about every different combination of options - mostly with the same result, some crash though.
I've also tried running in windowed mode - same issue just in a smaller window.

Any ideas?


Telariust - Feb 22 - If you have a laptop or 4K monitor or TV.
Scaling over 100% (125% or 150%) is often used at high screen resolutions.
(this is to make the elements larger and the text to be readable)
Because of this, the picture or buttons are displaced, the mouse click does not fall.

For Windows 10, it is possible to set options only for the Game
(to avoid changes to the entire System)
Right click on the .EXE
Properties =>Compatibility =>LowColorMode =>16bit
Properties =>Compatibility =>HighDPISettings
check the box OverrideScalingBehaviour and "Application"
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Just use a source port, Julius for a purist, and Augustus for QoL.