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Have the animations been fixed in the latest GOG version of Caesar 3?, I'd like to know before I purchase it.
This question / problem has been solved by Matewisimage
I'm not experiencing any animation issues on my side. And the only way I've modified the game is a replaced exe for a widescreen resolution.
That's good to know, thanks for the reply Matewis!.

I have got Caesar III working great in every aspect, except that certain animated sprites are missing. I'm guessing you were talking about these animations? The ones that I have run into in the first couple of levels are all the fire sprites for burning buildings (easy to test on first level), and sprites showing whether reservoirs are full or empty.

I suspect that these are implemented as a graphical overlay of some sort, and therefore dependent on certain aspects of DriectX. Some people will surely run into this problem and others not, depending on what hardware they are running. Has someone tried this game on integrated Intel HD graphics?

I am running Intel HD4000 Graphics on a i5 3230M.

Any info on how it is for you would be great, thanks :)