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I just installed the game and trying to run the program is giving me an error R6025.

This is on Windows 10 x64.
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I found the culprit. I don't know why exactly, but uninstalling the TrackballWorks software (v1.3) for my Kensington Expert Mouse Pro allows the game to run. Reinstalling it reintroduces the crash. I can only guess it has something to do with locking the mouse somehow.

This also prevented Bayonetta (on Steam) from starting. Either a Windows update or a TrackballWorks update messed something up there though, because although Bayonetta is freaking weird in that it'll only run from C:\ (or wherever Steam is located, anyway), it used to run.

Also, my apologies for being unclear in the OP. This is the Brothesr in Arms *Series* forum, so I should've specified I meant Road to Hill 30, although later I found none of them would start. Earned in Blood also starts with TrackballWorks gone, except there I got a general protection fault.

Hell's Highway has the same general protection fault, but it hasn't gone away with TrackballWorks' departure. I haven't investigated that one yet.
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