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Post edited December 04, 2013 by JudasIscariot
barrow44: @ Judaslscariot

For such large files to download, I guess it should be very useful to know the related hashes (MD5, SHA, etc), both for Windows and Mac version.

Could they be available for checking the corruptness of downloaded files ?

Thanks a lot.
Well, here's the Windows hashes:

setup_broken_sword_5_episode_1_2.1.0.4.exe :

CRC32: F950D01A
MD5: FA6E9A71DE0D3BA6D0FD90EF71B498C9
SHA-1: E1850EE287FCCDCB5D30E47143A5A80915A7A5B1


CRC32: 43E43B66
MD5: CF7E60DA4385C0171BA7CF2CD3BDC357
SHA-1: 71F526F70044BFB1AF0DA4A373FF9B77E2715678


CRC32: B3BF2C62
MD5: 52017290A31021DF1308A93FFC8CD2A8
SHA-1: 038EB5FE44219961C47EB161BDA69BA9529686C3

Mac version hashes:


CRC32: A057F274
MD5: 8AC0627C7ACF6E26CDFB485785964812
SHA-1: D44BBCDC3D4E8D30DA8871D33EEC7609A2A5ECC6

Enjoy :)
Post edited December 06, 2013 by JudasIscariot
barrow44: Judaslscariot.

thanks for your attention and time but, please, consider that you have reported the same hashes for all the files (maybe did you copyd&paste ?) !!!!

Anyway, the hashes are OK only for the first file, that is for setup_broken_sword_5_episode_1_2.1.0.4.exe.

Could you please have the patience to indicate the hashes for the other 2 files ?

edit: OK I see your point. One second.
Post edited December 06, 2013 by JudasIscariot
barrow44: There is surely a misunderstanding !!!!!
it was already clear that you referred to the new, updated files!!!!!!

Please, double-check the hashes you gave and recgnize that they are the same for all the 3 new files and this is not possible !!!!
Yes, I know, that's why I edited my post :) Give me a few minutes as I need to re-download the files, OK? :)
barrow44: Sorry, I did not wish to stress you.

I didn't see you were editing the post and in the mean time I was writing mine......

Take the necessary time and thanks.
Check the hashes now. I just edited the original hash post :)