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Hawk33: There has already been a topic posted but I'm starting another one since it hasn't been dealt with.

I'm facing a serious bug that hinders me from progressing anymore.

When Vella is using the central control sphere. I click to view Shay's room and the screen goes a combination of orange, green and black in one color for a microsecond when loading instead of blank. When I'm in Shay's room, my cursor icon is gone. I cannot do anything at all. Clicking doesn't work.

I press escape to bring up the menu. That only makes the orange, green and black appear permanently and the menu flickers along with my cursor. I tried rebooting the game again but it's the same thing every time.

Is there any solution to this because I really don't want to believe I paid money for a faulty game. Especially since, prior to that, it ran just fine on my laptop.

Here are my specs:

Intel (R) Pentium CPU 2117U
Windows 8 64-Bit OS
1.80 GHZ
6.00 GB RAM
Try downloading the latest version of the game that's in your account as we just updated the game to version 2.2 :)