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FarangNarak: Hi, they gonna release Act 2 on april 28 onGog too ? Or does we have to wait for longer?
This means yes! Are you as excited as I am? :)
It should be less than 8 hours now until the complete game is released on our site.
Crimson: Hi!

Any chance for a Kickstarter backer (pledged 23.02.2012) to get a gog key? I haven't used the steam key or the humble download - I hoped after the final release they change their minds. All Kickstarter projects I supported offered a gog key: Wasteland 2, Republique, Tex Murphy, Dead State, Broken Sword 5, Pillars of Eternity, Dreamfall Chapters, The Book of Unwritten Tales 2. Seems Tim hates me after all :(
It is rather unlikely, but please check with our support.
ibishtar: OMG Just this moment I saw the update available. The information on the store page still needs to change though.
Yes, it is official - the wait is over. The 2.0 installer which includes both acts is available for you to download! :)
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