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I dunno if that's allowed, but I wanted to start a thread about that game to show my infinite appreciation after finishing the prologue. It's, like, the best adventure game I played since Deponia Doomsday few years ago, while beating it at the graphics, which are looking incredibly, set in tone of 90's cartoons. But that's not the only thing CowCat Games did right. I'm so hyped, cause I cannot find not even the one flaw of that production - writing, graphics, music, voice-acting, characters, humour and drama... Everything is adding up to the point I'm actually in doubt if I'm playing indie game, cause it all looks so high-budget-y to me. And man, I really can see that person standing behind that game really likes games in general, you can sense "Brok: The Investigator" is nothing like a trend-follower in pursuit of easy money. No,quite the opposite, it's a story and gameplay made with heart and dedication. And allows me to use my Dualshock with right buttons on the screen, I'm gonna appreciate that too! And wow, the courtesy of the creator, who let us play about 5 hours worthy material of that high-class game for FREE :O I'm DEFINITELY gonna buy that game and I hope to be back at work about time of it's premiere, cause I'd gladly buy it right then.

So, yeah.


Edit: I kinda read it myself now and man, I really sound like I was on the CowCat payroll here :D But I'm really not, just so amazed by that game! But I'll try to find some flaw here, to not sound like a cheesy clapper - I kinda feel that letting some information slip that early at the game (at the end of the first chapter) may be a bit too strong clue about Brok's past, which will be revealed at the finale as I'm suspecting... But who knows, maybe my guess about that isn't right, and game is gonna surprise me after all, setting it all differently that I'm imagining it right now? We'll see!
Post edited August 05, 2021 by Szczery