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Breach & Clear

Changelog for patch GOG-2 (Windows) (added 16 November 2015):

- Fixes issue with achievements not unlocking
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Breach & Clear: Deadline

Changelog for update 1.09 (added 17 November):

- The updated Linux version will be added as soon as possible.
- Game upgraded to Unity 5 engine. Should have performance improvements.
- Fixed some pathing issues in the Parks
- Fixed ground in the Residential scene that soldiers appeared to hover over.
- Fixed inventory menu showing stat categories it shouldn’t for guns and gear.
- Fixed inventory menu not showing the weight stat for gear.
- Fixed issues where human enemies might react to being shot at by walking backwards.
- Fixed a series of events that could break the quest to obtain the keycard in the Docks.
- Fixed pink steering wheel in the Docks.
- Fixed pathing issues on the boat in the Docks.
- Fixed bug when using Provoke on the Nightmare.
- Fixed bug that occurs if the player tries to switch guns after loading up a save file in which the soldiers only have sidearms.
- Fixed enemy who might spawn on top of a streetlight in the outskirts near the beginning of the game.
- Popups on the main menu can now be closed with the cancel button.
- Fixed issue where both the join and host button on the online menu would show as highlighted when backing out from joining a game.
- Fixed supplies for the safehouse in the city that could be interacted with through a wall.
- Fixed issue where removing a vest or headgear while inventory is full would lose the item.
- Can now use B button or ESC to back out of New Game+ menu.
- Added code to make sure friendly NPC combatants do not shoot at you if you shoot at them.
- Fixed issue where trying to pick up two items quickly when you only have 1 inventory slot free would result in one item stuck floating in the air.
- Fixed issues with incorrect rarity color showing for item pickups
- Fixed Armor for gear that is upgraded never showing above 100.
- Now, if you access the map menu directly, pressing the map button will close the pause menu rather than prompting to return to the main menu.
- Fixed description of Breach & Clear M4 not showing correctly.
- Added Master Volume settings to the Options menu. This enables you to change the volume for everything at once.
- Added option to Keybind Settings to restore defaults.
- Setting keys for key binding now checks for key up, not key down.
- Added support for deleting saved files.
- Increased the size of the name text for interactables.
- Pickups now show what type of pickup they are with the interaction prompt.
- Added option to Options menu for whether or not to show damage tickers.
- Added option to Options menu for whether or not to show the kill cam.
- Fixed issue where player would be prompted to target a kill zone that had been placed in command mode.
- Added a particle effect to be played when the full heal tactic heals a soldier.
- Marmoset and all associated files removed from project completely.
- All marmoset shaders changed to unity 5 shaders
- Lighting upgraded to unity 5 friendly settings with near final results in
- Urban outskirts, urban hub, residential
- Deleted all the remaining substances in the environment. Character and weapon substances are still lingering
- Improved Rusher responsiveness.
- Increased resolution of vision cones.
- Fixed issues with loot crate IDs that affected both single player and multiplayer.
- Fixed some networking issues with loot crates.
- Fixed invisible colliders on the final floor of the sewers.
- Fixed bridge soldiers got stuck on on the final cave floor.
- Fixed pipes in the Utility Tunnels that could be walked through.
- Camera panning is no longer affected by auto aim.
- Auto aim no longer occurs if there are enemies within a close distance of where the soldier is facing.
- Fixed where a grip attachment is positioned on the AA-12.
- Fixed attachments not showing accuracy stat changes on the workbench equipment page.
- Fixed issue where some crates wouldn't add tactic to open if targeted in command mode.
- Fixed issue where sometimes lines wouldn't draw when targeting loot crates in command mode.
- Fixed propane tank at the gas station in residential that couldn't be shot.
- Improved responsiveness of Breeder to sounds.
- Fixed soldier name not showing up for a soldier that is revived while in command mode.
- Fixed issue with multiple input devices where the game would still consider the mouse cursor to be being used in some cases.
- Tweaks to input to reduce mouse control getting taken over by a controller in case the controller is accidentally giving input. The mouse will work so long as a mouse button is held down, and for a small amount of time after it stops moving.
- Fixed barrier player could possibly walk over in the docks.
- Changed terrain shaders for better performance, reducing passes on any terrain area by half.
- Added new conifer trees to the parks area, giving it a more mountainous feel.
- Added new broadleaf trees to the graveyard area giving it a more fall look.
- Fixed colliders in scenes to prevent soldiers and zombies from getting stuck.
- Added selection boundaries to every encounter to restrict movement selection to the encounter area to avoid false-positives when laying down move nodes.
- Refactored the “save the supply runner” encounter to have better pacing.
- Fixed safehouse exit trigger being finicky in the residential scene.
- Fixed issue where provoke effect might show on dead enemies.
- Cutscenes now clear out tactics for all soldiers.
- Using fast travel in command mode now exits command mode.
- Game now shows prompt to press start after the splash screens.
- Enemies are harder to stagger at higher levels.
- Loot crates no longer disappear after being opened. This makes them consistent with ammo crates and lets the player see where loot crates have already been found.
- A message now shows when the player tries to enter a dungeon while in combat.
- The player can now enter dungeons through command mode.
- Fixed pathing issues in parks.
- Fixed soldiers sometimes getting stuck when trying to open a door.
- Fixed issue where soldiers would start off dead or with less than full health when starting new game+. Previously they had the same health as they ended the game with.
- Fixed quest interactables that couldn't be interacted with in command mode.
- Fixed issue where couldn't talk to the civilian in command mode in the Residential scene.
- The office exit now says "Return to street" instead of "Return to surface".
- Fixed door in the pharmacy that couldn't be targeted in command mode.
- Fixed issue where path lines would stay showing sometimes from actions to interact with a quest item.
- Fixed not being able to successfully interact with the supplies on floor 5 of the office through Command Mode.
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Breach & Clear and Breach & Clear: DEADline

Changelog for OSX update / GOG-17 (Mac) (added 24t August 2016):

- Minor fix to Galaxy Implementation
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Breach & Clear: DEADline

Changelog for update 1.23 Rebirth / GOG-6 (Windows) / GOG-22 (Mac) (added 18 November 2016):

- From We're experiencing some technical = issues with the Linux version and we will roll out an updated version as soon as its technical issues are resolved. We apologize for the inconvenience.

- We know that it's been awhile, but we've been closely listening to all of your feedback and have been hard at work implementing your requested changes/improvements. We've combined all of the changes that we've made over the last months into one big update, and we're really happy to bring you a whole new improved version of the game that we're calling Breach & Clear: Deadline Rebirth

- This new version strives to improve almost every single element of the game, and deliver the experience that we believe players would like to see. There are far too many changes introduced in this update to cohesively document all of them in this space, but here are the most important ways this new version improves the game:

- Overhauled Gameplay: Statistics for enemies, player characters, weapons, and gear have had a huge balance pass and a more enjoyable and consistently challenging experience has emerged. Dungeon generation has been modified to make each floor more exciting with more discoveries, more enemies to fight and hand-crafted enemy encounters at different intervals in each dungeon.

- Smoother controls: Fully re-worked camera and shooting for the game’s real-time action mode. Vastly improved versus the original release with a smarter camera that is snappier and more responsive than ever.

- Better feedback: New enemy death animations means players can better feel the weight of their kills and the resulting effects help provide a more immersive experience.

- Enhanced Engine: Full transition to the Unity 5 engine resulting in all of the associated benefits – notably, the game can now take advantage of 64-bit architecture allowing for better performance on systems that support it.

- Remastered Graphics: Every scene has had a full lighting pass, making way for a much more realized version of Harbor City than any previous version of the game. Textures have been retouched, compression settings have been modified, and it now fully utilizes Unity 5’s physically based rendering.

- Improved environments: Environments significantly more polished, with all pop-in & pop-out issues completely resolved.

- Removal of Online Co-op: Underutilized since launch, the team made the decision to remove online co-op from the latest version of Breach & Clear: Deadline. This led to widespread performance and reliability enhancements as the code’s dependence on the servers and the need to be ready for drop-in/drop-out multiplayer at any moment was removed. The improvements outlined below are just some of the ways the game has been made better by the removal of Co-op.

- Performance: The game performs significantly better now, frequently reaching a steady 60FPS on machines which could previously only hit 30FPS.

- Load times: Loading has been made asynchronous which would have been significantly difficult to pull off with the original network code intact. This has led to load times which are halved from the previous versions.

- More reliable: Code that was needed to support the drop-in/drop- out co-op frequently led to bugs which could corrupt save files. Without co-op, these bugs are no longer a concern.
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Breach & Clear: DEADline Rebirth

Changelog for update 1.23b / GOG-10 (Linux) (added 24 November 2016):

- Updated the Linux version with the changes from the Rebirth update.
Breach & Clear: DEADline Rebirth

Changelog for installer update / (Mac) (added 16 December 2017):

- Installer update - No game files were changed.