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Changelog for Update 1.00.17927 (added 02 January 2019):

* Fix problem with Arachgod not always getting out of hiding
* Fixed incorrect number of stars in the equipped projectile tooltip
* Legendary Fan Card now have more useful magical companion variant
* Add prize collection under pad stick
* Crows in Town are once again usable with a controller (Left Trigger + Thumbstick)
* Fixed a possible crash in upgrade window when displaying a tooltip
* Fixed card upgrade window not refreshing after a card was downgraded
* Fix to language change restart doesn't save the game
* Fix algorithm fixing scroll allocations in the roguelike mode
* Fixed confusing avatar research related tooltip
* Fixed missing string on Avatar research screen when using the controller
* Fixed incorrect upgrade cost in the variant window (was calculated based on equipped variant)
* Fixed Fortune Teller's gossip sometimes not unlocking properly
* Fixed missing credits
* Fixed Healer's missing VO
* Supporters added to credits
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Changelog for Update 1.00.18019 (added 25 January 2019):

* Fixed an issue where upgrade card window showing the wrong cost just after downgrading card in slot
* Fixed an issue where card lost on higher difficulty would become unavailable and variant change was not possible
* Fixed typos in multiple translations
* Fixed golem card not going on cooldown after leaving the dungeon with golem and reentering it
* Fixed Quest Mastering tutorial displaying the wrong amount of keys
* Fixed fear aura not resuming after the card is disabled
* Fixed achievement The first Riddle not being granted after identifying all unidentified cards at once
* Fixed heal spell timing issues
* Fixed ghost sometimes getting stuck in walls if the hero leveled up on that level
* Fountains no longer change the cursor to use when the hold key is held down
* Fixed miscounting cards for Full Deck achievements (Full Armory, Full Stash, Full Library)
* Deprecated card Helmet can no longer be found in the dungeon
* Fixed particle effect on the lost card
* Fixed an issue where disenchanting a card could prevent it from dropping ever again
* Fixed a crash occurring during card disenchantment sequence
* Allow alive character in roguelike final death leaderboard
* Fixed Cold Nova not spawning icicle on the position of a killed monster
* Gargoyles in stone form are no longer selectable when using the controller
* Updated translations
* Supporters added to credits
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Changelog for Update 1.00.18086 (added 07 February 2019):

* Experimental Online Battles mode
* Fixed walking in the dungeon using WASD keys not working when mouse cursor was over the lower bar
* Fixed issue when the player could walk in the dungeon with stats window open
* Fixed card Relic of Rage showing incorrect initial trigger value
* Disenchanting currently not equipped card variant won't switch the current variant to common while resetting charges to zero anymore
* Fixed issue when crosscut was scrolling simultaneously with opened frame scrollbar
* Fixed typos in multiple translations
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Changelog for Update 1.00.18086 (added 13 March 2019):

Electric bosses
They might seem quite harmless at distance, but don't give them a chance to come close. Every time an electric boss is hit the damage you deal them converts to ball lightning that flies your way. Better have your Boots card polished and shiny as it might be a good idea to be well grounded in the near future!

In other news
As usual, the update also introduces a bunch of fixes. You will find the full changelog below. Those of you who enjoy hunting for achievements will be happy to hear that "I'm Invincible" achievement requirements were lowered from 10 deaths to 8 in Roguelike mode. Another noteworthy change: Legendary Chaotic Ring effect got significantly buffed.

Besides that, we are busy planning future updates for Book of Demons and production of the next games. We are also expanding the team and switching offices (our lovely current spot is scheduled for demolition so it makes sense to plan ahead and not to be blindsided by a wrecking ball :paperdeath:). All this in hands of just seven people so it's busy as usual :archduck:

Changelog for version 1.00.18135 (added 13 March 2019):

* Added bosses with a new tag Electric
* Fixed a crash occurring when Twitch viewers type a dungeon command during a legendary card voting
* Changed incorrect text on a death screen after death during quest mastering
* Reduced number of resurrections needed to unlock the 3rd level of achievement Tis' but a scratch
* Fixed Evil warrior, Evil rogue and Evil mage taunting with an empty text
* Adjusted a change of light intensity during a Meteor fall in a dungeon
* Changed Instigator's (legendary Chaotic Ring) effect's trigger chance from incorrect 0.1-2% to 3/5/7%
* Removed the Online Battle button from Selection Screen - the feature may come back sometime in the future
* Fixed game freezing when trying to load corrupted save file
* Minor UI corrections
* Added new supporters to credits
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Changelog for Update 1.01.18203 (15 April 2019)

* Speedrun to Cook
* Fixed portal still being active after closing a game
* Made the achievement "Tis' but a scratch" unlock automatically for players who have had already met requirements before they changed in the previous update
* Added more supporters to credits
* Updated translations
* Fixed a few typos
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Update 1.02.18366 (5 June 2019)

Introducing Card Sets!

From now on you can have two hands of cards. Only one is equipped at a time but you can switch between them quickly without opening inventory. This means you can now have two specialized builds and adapt faster. Passive vs aggressive build. Fire vs ice. Ranged vs. Close And Personal™! It all depends on your play style and creativity, so don't be afraid to experiment!

- Card sets
- Fixed disenchantment granting unidentified card that cannot be identified
- Fixed showing incorrect progress of "Bronze division" achievement in Awards window
- Added supporters to to credits
- Updated translations
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Update 1.03.18721 (25 July 2019)

- Challenge mode!
- Updated translations
- Fixed pad support in card variant selection window
- Improved pad performance on low framerates
- Modified supporter registration window
- Changed Whetstone charge cost from 1000/3000/5000 to reasonable 750/1200/1500
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Version 1.03.19561 25th October

Added Halloween event including spooky pumpkins and a Halloween-themed challenges
Due to popular demand Superhot mode stays in the game for good
Added a Superhot option to the character creation window
Updated Mac version of the game to the newest match MacOS 10.15 requirements
Fixed minor issues with Superhot color theme
Updated German and Belarusian translations
Updated Translators in the credits
Added new Supporters to credits
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Dynamic music update!
. new tracks: Once again we decided to lay the burden of composing the music on the shoulders of Paweł Błaszczak, who also created the original Book of Demons soundtrack (Witcher, Dying Light, Call of Juarez or EVE Online).
. new dynamic music system! The music will change to more dynamic as you approach tougher fights with clutches of enemies or trigger bosses and cursed chests.

Changelog - Version 1.03.20073 16th January
Added new soundtracks and updated music system
Fixed a possible crash at the beginning of a challenge
Fixed double click occassionally moving character when Click to move option was disabled
Decreased a chance for triggering SFX while using Charge card
Updated translations
Added new supporters to credits
There's a new update available for download and - again - no decription from for the offline installer.... does anybody here have any information of is the developer/publisher of the game present to let us know more about it? Thank you in advance!
RainbowDragon: There's a new update
You can see the changelog ingame: before the books, click bottom right on your avatar, then Changelog.
You'll see this is mainly UI change to prepare other games.
Post edited December 12, 2020 by ERISS
RainbowDragon: There's a new update
ERISS: You can see the changelog ingame: before the books, click bottom right on your avatar, then Changelog.
You'll see this is mainly UI change to prepare other games.
Thank you for this information, I haven not looked inside the game itself!!!
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Windows & Mac offline installers updated to 1.04.22689

Changelog from Steam.
Some minor fixes to challenges mostly!
The log I'm waiting for is the pre-order of all future games with all additional content, for the Steam price of 33,91, as it is on the company's homepage!
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Ver. 1.05.211020 - 21 October 2021
. Changed the save manager system to keep two-tiered backups of characters in case of a power failure
. Fixed Razer keyboards not using RGB backlights correctly when enabled in the "Extras" section in options
. Revamped the whole credits backend system - supporters can now be updated more often, regardless of the game updates
. Now, if you are a supporter, your name will be highlighted in the credits when you view them
. Fixed slowed, frozen, and stunned states not being recognized properly by the game mechanic
. Updated supporters list in credits
. Updated translations with small fixes

there was a bug that affected players with non-latin characters in the save path. A hot patch went live that fixed that issue.
If you have been affected you might get "save corrupted" message on startup but your saves should be fine.
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