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Is there a way to Scale the UI and Text Higher in 4k it's really Tiny
There's a way using dgvoodoo. Download the newest version (2.81.3 at the moment of posting) and extract it to the \gamedata\BoilingPoint\ directory in the boiling point folder. copy the dlls from the \MS\x86\ folder to \gamedata\BoilingPoint also.

edit the game.ini and change the Modewith and Modeheight lines to

Start the dgvoodoocpl.exe and using the directX tab set the resolution to 4k. You could also force anisoptric filtering to 16x. Leave the antialiasing settings to app driven or the game will crash. Should your textures be corrupted (or white) check the "Fast video memory access" box also.

Your ui should be big enough now. Oh, you could open the console ingame using ~ and use "FOV 105" do set it to a more "normal" FOV for widescreen displays.

If you need any more help, I'll be happy do help.
Post edited November 19, 2023 by DeusExMachina.630
Thanks DeusExMachina.630, logged in to upvote you! :D

I didn't even think about DGVoodoo and had read the new exe couldn't even be patched to Unofficial 2.0 .
At least that was mentioned on the Steam version but between your and Pheener's thread,
looks like it can be patched at least in part.

Hopefully we can get some report about the current Patch state from Deep Shadows or Ziggurat .
And if we are Lucky we can get Official and Unofficial patches moving forward.