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I'm enjoying the game (which surprises me! I haven't been much of a puzzler up until now). But I'm stuck at "The Iron Cage" (level #016 in Adventure Mode). I've entered "Puzzle mode" (using the "E" key) and deleted the first row using the F key. Then I've collected the 4 blocks that are available, and deleted the row of 12 all the way across. I figured out how to hop into the center section at the last moment, but there are only 2 blocks I can collect and I'm trapped in the center area with no way to get to the upper left area where the exit is!

I'd insert a picture, but screen print isn't working with the game. I'm running Windows 8.1 and the screen capture is getting other windows I have open, or even the desktop, but it won't capture "Blocks."

Anyone know how to get through this level? If you can include screen captures, please do!

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Solution! (and spoiler, of course)

I was trying to delete rows in an order that wasn't working. I found it in a 49 second walkthrough at