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How did GoG ever got the good inspiration to invest towards this direction/game/genre/style? Maybe miracles happen from time to time! This brings new hope, for us, japanese, anime, and fighting game lovers! I am going to buy it eyes closed and hands down, the very moment i am getting paid from my new job! Would also love to see here on GoG, the Touhou fighting games, the mainstream touhou games, and generally, more games with such style! Keep our fingers crossed! THANKS, GOG!!! Keep it coming, please.
I'm having an absolute blast with it.

Would be great if the titles in Mangagamers catalogue were here also. It'd give them some much needed exposure. With the translation and localisation for Kara No Shojo 2 nearing completion (as far as I know) it'd be great to see it, the prequel and sequel available drm free and complete with their voice packs.
+1 Is awesome to have a great looking 2D fighting game here.
Indeed! These Japanese 2D fighters like Guilty Gear, King of Fighters, and Blazblue are so off the wall and bizarre. I for one would like to see Guilty Gear Accent Core Plus!