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I found out was it was, I feel really dopey now, thanks anyways!
Post edited March 13, 2013 by diavir
Care to share how you fixed it? I'm suffering the same problem on the knight's first level.
So how do I fix it? ...not that I would ever get past the first boss if I could take damage, but still.
diavir: I found out was it was, I feel really dopey now, thanks anyways!
Help, suffering from the same bug here too, I would like to know how you fixed it, thanks !
I'm having the same problem on the first level as the Knight. Any ideas?
I thought it had something to do with the potion you picked up, I used it and I was fine afterwards, it didn't persist to any level after that :)
I tried everything and couldn't get rid of the invincibility bug.

As soon as the Chaos Knight fight starts the Knight becomes invincible. I tried drinking the Power Potion before the fight, not taking the potion, not picking up the Knight's light armor, playing around with compatibility settings and different renderers.

Sadly, they didn't help me at all. The Knight's level is unplayable for me.
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Anyway around this? I'm invincible now which is clearly a bug. Happened when I fought the dark knight like everyone else I guess :(