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I'm very sorry for the late notice, but we've just received word from Codemasters that we need to remove <span class="bold">Blade of Darkness</span> from sales on, as they no longer hold the distribution rights.

As usualy, we will continue our efforts to bring the game back where it belongs (as in: our catalog) as soon as possible.

The removal will occur at 6:00PM GMT today (that's in 1,5 hours).

We apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused you.
Post edited October 14, 2014 by G-Doc
The actual reason for us not posting this sort of things more openly is usually that we receive the news so late, that it gives us time to remove the game from sales "effective yesterday" :-( It's not fair to anyone, agreed, but sometimes things like this get overlooked by Publishers.

I'm really sorry about this, as as well as personally, as this is one of my favorite classics around here and I had some plans for making a Twitch series out of it. That would've been fun!

Now, we can only hope we'll manage to get it back promptly. As far as I know this isn't some terrible legal mess as in some cases, so things aren't that bad.
jreaganmorgan: So who holds the distribution rights now?
Hopefully, they have returned to the developer of the game and we'll be able to work with them directly. That wouldn't be the first case.