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So are there any news about Blade of Darkness. Please bring it back to gog so that more gamers can enjoy this hack 'n' slash fantasy masterpiece!

You would do so much for the gaming culture if you did this. Big please.

In addition there is so much fan made mod content available just waiting to be played after the played has finished AWESOME main campaign. Severance is great fun in multiplayer too (mostly in LAN setting)!
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It's truly heart breaking to see this artifact be forgotten.

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gogwitcher300: Support the community

It's truly heart breaking to see this artifact be forgotten.

Voted it! Hopefully they get the publishing contract situation sorted out soon!

People really should get a chance to play this forgotten classic. It is almost criminal how these kind of videogame gems can just dissapear and so much gaming history is lost in an instant. At the moment there are no legal ways to get the game which is very sad, since it would certainly be a game that would gain intrest from dark soul fans.

I'm just lucky that I got the digital version when it was on gog. I even have the orginal cd version on my shelf.
A quick Google search reveals a copy on an abandonware site. I personally don't feel guilty grabbing a copy as I own the game on disc but don't currently use a DVD drive. It's an excellent game, one of my all time favourites and should be readily available to purchase for anyone that wants a try. Here's hoping the issues get resolved soon.

I've just started playing again and that atmosphere is incredible! The locations really stand out as they actually feel as they are supposed to ie castles are laid out as you would expect. This can make for a little confusion in finding where to go (not for me, they are ingrained in my memory) but add to the authenticity. If ever there was a game crying out for a remake with modern tech this is it!
But who owns the rights to the game ?
Corpusmuta: But who owns the rights to the game ?
Supposedly MercurySteam.

Any news about this game?
It will be great if we get this game with proper widescreen, but stretched is also looks nice in hd
¿Se sabe algo? ¿Alguna novedad?
Please find a way to get this game back onto GOG! It really is a hidden gem and it's impossible to find this game again easily nowadays.
This is the game's director:

And this is the lead designer and artist:

Anyone hear any news about Blade of Darkness?
Bring this game again

Lets unite and bring this game back to light!

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