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I was totally happy and excited, when I saw, that Blade of Darkness is available on GOG. I bought it and installed it. And then there was the great disappointment:

1rst, the graphics were absolutely beside any means
2nd, the menus were not readable, either by wildly different sizes of Fonts (generally so small I even could read them with a magnifying glass.
3rd, the Features were genereally not working

Well with a great deal of fumblin' I got the graphics to work, and even the Features like gamesafe and reload were working, but only with an extensively use of fumbling

Well, after I got the game to work so far, after about twoo weeks of Trial end Error, I suddenly lost my graphic board, it simply stopped working, didn't deliver nothing more on the Screen. And the several Trials of geting it back to work ended with a broken bootsector, which caused me to finally buy a new Computer, which now runs under Windows 8. So I have finally to confess, I don't dare anymore Trials on Blade of Darkness. Unfortunately, the new Computer really blasted my complete Budget so I will Need a very long time, until I will be able to buy new stuff on GOG or elsewhere.