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Well, are they?
denizsi: Well, are they?
What remastered version ?
GOG's version of Blackwell Legacy has the new voice acting and the second commentary track. So I would guess that all the games are the latest versions.
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As far as I know, only Legacy has a "remastered" version, which is definitely what GOG is selling.
As gudish says below, only Blackwell Legacy has a remastered version, and it's the version you get with the bundle here.
Thank you.

I've gotten the first three games in an Indie Royale bundle which was titled "The Blackwell Trilogy Remastered" without a description of what was different in the Remastered edition. Turns out it's same as this, minus Deception.
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Bit late to the thread. The GOG versions are definitely the remastered versions.

As for what "remastered" means. Legacy is the only one that had anything major done to it (new voice acting, plus an additional "five years later" commentary track). The only updates to Unbound and Convergence were that they were recompiled in the latest version of the AGS engine. Some minor code was written to ensure compatibility, but nothing very noticeable when compared to the original versions.
This is great, thanks for explaining this personally, Dave! I hope you're doing well and Blackwell Epiphany doesn't give you any major headaches? (The new screenshots look so damn perfect!!)
I haven't noticed that post by Dave Gilbert. Many thanks for the clarification!