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Hello, I have a problem.

I saw, that The Black Mirror has a ton of languages available. I am from Czech Republic, so I wanted to use original Czech dubbing, which as I heard should be really good one. (Yes, I never played this game before, but I remember, when it was real hit around here under much cooler name - The Messenger of Death)

I installed the game and launched it. I clicked on Options. No language setting. I selected New game. No language settings. A looked to the installation folder and found file Config. Just resolution, no language setting.

So, please, where can i change it?
This question / problem has been solved by ClusterRatimage
I'm not completely sure, but I think Black Mirror has a different installer for every language. You have to chose the language you want before you download it.
I don't know how to do this with Galaxy, becouse I don't use that. If you download the files with your browser, you can find an option "Language" above the installer-file.
Hey, thanks! To be honest I never changed language on GOG before, so I did not even look at that option when downloading. Really thanks, I owe you one.
Having this problem again. I also do not use Galaxy, chose Deutsch as my language when downloading and installing. Strange! Maybe a Win11 issue...? I'm going to haul out our Win10 Maschine, as I swear it worked fine in German.