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I've just installed Black Mirror II twice but both times the installer didn't create either the menu folder or the desktop icon (I usually don't let the installer create the latter, but this time I tried just in case). Any other game so far didn't have this issue: has this happened to anyone else?

PS: I use Linux with Wine (Debian Stable Xfce) but again, no other game has this issue so I don't think it's a matter of OS
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Kinda solved, it seems it was a Wine related issue. Somehow I must have messed up its configuration (I really don't know how, I haven't touched any settings), as every new game I tried to install didn't create desktop icons or menu entries. Renaming the old ~/.wine folder and letting it create a new one solved the issue.

I couldn't delete the original post so here's my self reply. Perhaps something similar happened to someone else so it wasn't a complete waste of time