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I have the problem that the game is staggering at regular intervals. That is very disturbing. And I do not know why that is. I recorded a video from the game, where you can see this problem:

Any idea what can i do? Vsync i deactivated. But nothing happens when i activate ist. Tha same when i set the quality and resolution down. It looks not like a performance problem.

Can anyone help me please?
What video card do you have?, and what version of drivers for the video card do you have installed? Of course, what operating system do you use?
I had to set my vsync via nvidia 3D settings for the game. w/o it, the FPS was 400+ at the menu screen.

With 1080ti and 8350 and 16 gb RAM, it's solid 60 fps for me @4k. Make sure you have the whatever redistributals it needs, and might as well set vsync in the gpu settings.
It's actually becoming a slightly better idea IIRC to use your graphics card's drivers to limit the FPS instead of going for vysnc unless you're using G-sync / Free-Sync. Supposedly it reduces mouse input latency but I mainly due it to reduce coil whine. =P

Also the weird suttering issue reminds me of a weird thing I had once where a game was in excess of 200FPS, so the mouse stopped polling correctly. Older game engines sometimes have issues with very high FPS, it's kind of humerous sometimes. See if capping the frame-rate helps?