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I read on a new game plus guide somewhere that class perks from other classes unlock during a new game plus.


1) Does this include Merc if I did not pre-order?

2) Does new game plus refund skill points for re-allocation, or do I need to save them up for new game plus?

3) Are skill points from special objectives (if any- I have not gotten that far) obtainable multiple times?

Reason for Inquiries:

I do not want to start a game-run with my crit build without access to Merc skills at some stage. Since they are still not available for purchase, I am here.

--Thanks for taking the time to read my questions; time is the most valuable currency that exists- and one whose expedeture can not be refunded.
Can't say about mercenary (i have this dlc so i can't test it), but i suggest that it won't be unlocked cause dlc-only.
Your skillpoints won't be refunded so you should keep some to ng+.
You still can get some more skillpoints (11) for clearing bandit camps.
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Mercenary has a starting perk, Fury, which is also a starting perk for Commando.

Dual wielding is also available separately.

Unlockable Mercenary class perks:

Megamind -- Psi-freak has this
Reflexes -- Saboteur has this
Invincibility -- Sentinel has this
Brutality -- Commando has this

So yes, all the perks available for Mercenary are available in NG+.

There's also another discussion about the NG+:

But no, no skill point reallocation. If you have already hit the level cap, you get perk points from the bandit camps. I guess All Bandit Camps Speedrun would be your best bet if you need many, many perk points.
thanks for all the infos! helps muchly. :)
frogthroat: So yes, all the perks available for Mercenary are available in NG+.
only same name

Fury = melee weapon
Brutality = melee Attacks

Fury = ranged weapon
Brutality = ranged Attacks